Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Bang's Comeback(AGAIN?!)

Love Song, Stupid Liar, & Baby Don't Cry- great songs, made for a special edition of TONIGHT by Big Bang.
These new songs really are amazing, and they honestly beat the original TONIGHT by a huge landslide.
Love Song
A very romantic, soft feeling song that's somehow still quite upbeat and paced, with a good balance of lyrics, although I believe that Daesung and Seungri could have used more parts: so little, so insignificant. Makes meee madddddddd. Luckily, they do include more songs... But first, Love Song, of course. The best part of this song would have to be T.O.P's introduction- it's so slow, soft, and the instrumental is so underpowered, it lifts his voice and gives an impression of peace, happiness, and all hippie-voodoo lovable things possible. The rest of the song is fast paced, and honestly will get boring over time. Overall? Lives up to expectations, but I wish there wasn't so much "I hate this Love Song" included in it, because it's just not true! Definitely worth a listen compared to the horrible K-Pop releases coming out lately, though!

Next up, Stupid Liar.
Love the lullaby beginning, love it, could go with a little less of G-Dragon? I'm a GBias, but I don't really feel his voice in this one. However, I'm lovin' Daesung! The voice to die for, and Taeyang's part fits him well. Seungri's parts are also well placed. But GD in between isn't working out for me. T.O.P's rap works, but I feel that the song needs more of a balance, and less GD for all the chorus-y parts. The song doesn't quite fit him, and the feeling irks me to no extent, being a diehard VIP. :(

And finally, Baby Don't Cry (Daesung single!)
Retro instrumental feel.
Reminds me of his Cotton Candy single!
^Which isn't good. I like my YG artists to have a little variety. I was hoping this would be a really strong solo, with power and emphasis, maybe a bit like GD's Heartbreaker except with ballads, and Daesung's deep, deep, beautiful voice. However, seeing as this is only a sample of things to come, I'm really hoping things get boosted. Take your time, and make the album good, D-lite.

If my opinions don't match your views, comment! I like to see other people's views. Don't be afraid! :)

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