Friday, April 15, 2011

blue pill, versus the red pill .. you decide

fun fun today very. But I've been thinking.

English today, we did a choice of the Red versus Blue pills (Matrix). So here's how we'd put it: Like Neo, would you choose the Red Pill? You'll be disconnected from blissful ignorance, and be forced to cope with reality- a world without hope, fate, no independence, no freedom of speech, and none of that type of fluff. Or would you be like the millions of others choosing the Blue Pill? You'll live a happy life, satisfied with the way you're living, but you'll never realize the reality and become truly independent and free. Your life is limited, no freedom of speech.

It really all comes down to what you choose. We were relating the Matrix idea of choices to Montag in Fahrenheit 451, which is one of the best books I have read in a while! It's short and easy to skim through while understanding the basic plot, but if you read it and dissect slowly, it dissolves and absorbs like a sponge.. towel. It's crafted with little details you could forget, lots of visual imagery and the types. I find it hard to even find books that are easy to follow and yet so intensely detailed all throughout, which is why I enjoyed it: it veers off the traveled path and delves into something very thoughtfully. Revolutionary thinking around the time of revolutions, figure? 

I chose the blue pill. Kill me now, laugh, but I guess even though I've been through struggles like getting depressed and having to deal with being in a family so emotionally separated from each other and having a younger autistic brother to take care of, my life right now is perfect. But it really varies on the environment. I consider that I am in my own utopia where I am able to talk freely, live freely, I'm pretty independent (taking bus, organizing shindigs/using my own money to buy clothes/food/personal wants or needs), and all that wonderful stuff.
The blue pill is sweeter than the red pill, which is spicy, bitter, and possibly painful. And that's why I chose it. (Taste matters, folks. Taste matters.)

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