Thursday, April 14, 2011

today wasn't as bad as i thought it'd be.

i guess after the storm rages, the calm comes.
yesterday was okay. until my post decided to suicide on me. heartbreak. devastation. tears.

anyways, today was actually quite decent! :) PE, we played volleyball, actually won a game. I can set, and I can barely hit, and definitely not spike.

Chemistry was torturous, had a test today. I thought I'd done well, but apparently got a 20/33 (curved to 25, luckily enough!) . Hmm, unit tests on such a huge area of studying is not so simple. Then again, our teacher has been absent for a while, her mom died recently, so I feel quite bad for her. We have been partying in class lately, explains why it got curved so low, since it gets curved quite a bit when we do badly.. Disappointed loads. :(

But in math, we had a test (apparently a practice test! Haha! I was so scared!) I have an 85% in her class right now, because the curve is very strict, 20% homework to 50% quizzes and 30% tests or something like that. Her mom also died recently, and she's been gone on and off the entire school year. I've barely learned anything, but conic sections are being done a world of good as I conquer them all (gotta ketchup them all!). It was a group test with 4 people. Technically, 3 for us, one girl was doing her Spanish warmups in class before her binder check. We still were the fastest group though, we've got me (total math geekfreak), my PE/Math/English/French buddy who catches up on concepts fast with reasoning, and a friend of my buddy who I knew from Geography last year, who is helpful because she double checks me stuff. I hate don't do double checking. We probably aced. (Aced. I hope so!)

Well, afterward was English. And oh my gosh. I have never had such a bad time before. I think our English teacher's tests are the worst- you are instanteously rushed into a multiple choice test (20 minutes at most, not too bad or shabby) but then, right after, a whopping 4-5 paragraph essay with prewrite and draft analyzing a single passage/character/event/development/importance/theme/whatever you like. I finished like 10 seconds after the bell rang! Do you know how hard it is to crank out a decent essay in 35 minutes or less analyzing in depth about one passage or character?! Ah! I probably failed decently. No worries, aye mates?

Lunch was okay, MESA meeting. Talked about forms, Multi Cultural Fair tomorrow, and selling Subways/CapriSun for funds. I hate dealing with ASB/food regulations/shifts/and everything. I feel so pessimistic. But I know that we need to get our priorities straight in MESA because we're one of the weakest clubs- 3/4 of the seniors that were signed up for sashes came to only one meeting! Ugh! I complain a lot, but I hate people who get something they don't deserve at all. Very passionate about this type of stuff, I be. Luckily our adviser was deciding who to keep or to delete, depending on who actually participated in competitions.

AP World History.. teacher was out , he's a baseball coach so we expected it. Got sent to his teacher friend's room, whose name was spelled incorrectly on the Multi Cultural Fair brochure. Thought we wouldn't have to do the DBQ essay practice like the other classes, but he brings out several thick packets.. oh no. scream. We ended up working while giggling and laughing as the "sub" played parts from some wizard movie, an old one, and some funny songs. He's really interesting, and he plays guitar. Oh, he played guitar outside during the English essay. It was peaceful until teacher told me to close the door. Oh well.

French was relief (pill. blue pill Matrix, mate) after 4 straight classes of tests and essays. Presented my fashion project like a beast. And then that was pretty much it, sang happy birthday to teacher as he gave us cookies- laced with snickerdoodly goodness with MnM's, he's so nice! I'm glad he's the teacher I'll have for the next 2 years of French, even though he is sadistic and gives out difficult projects to torture us. All in all, okay day with lots of tests. Grades hopefully going up!

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