Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stuck on this BOMbshell

Park Bom is amazing. People might say that she doesn't have good voice control, but the fact of the fact is that she's got one of the most, or perhaps the most unique voice in Korea. It's easy to tell when she's singing, her pitch can be really gorgeous when it fits her.

Maybe not like You and I, maybe a little slower. She seemed to have difficulties singing it live, but then again, it's still a great song, maybe not quite the right fit for live singing. Even a normal singer might have problems adjusting that fast; but who am I to judge when I myself only sing as a hobby? But anyways..

Gotta love Dara's teasers. So little of Bom's voice, but the instrumental is beautiful, and the hint of Bom's voice has given people a feeling it might be her next single, especially since YG Life blog only just released a teaser image saying 2NE1 Coming Soon.

My prediction: Bommie's solo, like a sequel to Wedding Dress (Taeyang). Why? Towards the end of the teaser, it sounds quite obvious that she is starting to sing "sarangul" or something similar, the word for love in Korean. And YGE + music + Bom = love songs.

The best songs from YG are always the love songs, and this might just be the next Love Song, Wedding Dress, I Don't Care, Where U At, Heartbreaker, Remember, ... don't you love song titles?

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