Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love Song MV World Premiere

Oh gosh. I didn't like this song so much when I reviewed it by itself the other day.

But audio versus the images, the MV surpasses expectations. It is perfect for the song. It is understated, elegant, not flashy, and just so.. calm?

It gives me a small feel of vintage television. Black and white, and it's all shot in one shot. One shot, all throughout. How amazing is that?! You can always trust YG Entertainment to outshoot the others with great care to packaging, images, audio, everything! First the special packaging for TONIGHT unique, with something that feels and looks a tad like an audio player. But now an expensive MV? So expensive, yet so.. beautiful. From allkpop, I heard that they had Hollywood type cameras in for this MV, and I can see why. And it is definitely worth it. It is simply different from the other KPOP mvs. It's beautiful.

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