Friday, July 8, 2011

oh my, i've been on a total abandon of blogging

pretty much wasted so much time using tumblr that i have really forgotten about blogging. but other than following some of the good k-pop releases and fashion blogs and the like, there hasn't been too much.

here's a pretty video of jang geun seuk and lee min jung to make up for it. (:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Floral *Overload*

There are so many floral dresses. I used to really love them, but they're on hype this season. Need proof? More Forever 21 dresses... They're still all super cute, but honestly too much of this will make you all quite sick; it's like eating five bowls of ramen at one sitting and realizing you'll never want it ever again. I'd like to see one from F21 with a varied design though: cute cutouts on the back and a poofy skirt bottom. A halter style or relatively wide V neck for the top part of a dress would be adorable, too. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Watercolors

Really gorgeous, beachy dresses. Tiedye/watercolor is pretty similar but the patterns are to die for. Simple but a trendy staple.. I wish there were dresses like this when I went to my junior high grad. :P

Black 'n Satin

Really loving these dresses from Forever 21. Notice the similar styling? A bracelet, hat (looks to be a fedora), blushed cheeks, slight smirks, and very light waves. Love it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday's Multi Cultural Faire

Well, usually our school, which is in California, small with about 800 kids, and public (automatically means ghetto, no funding, sports about to be laid off, great teachers replaced with absolutely horrid ones) had a great time. Luckily for us, our ASB manages to fund enough for our rather expensive rallies and events.

We had our faire on the soccer field, which was pretty new- we usually have fairs or events in the quad or gym, which gets horribly stuffy and crowded and gross and icky with food splatters everywhere! But the soccer field was nicely spaced, lots of room, enough area for everyone to just hang out, even with the stage (made out of upside down tables with a big gray platform on top) and the stalls.

I basically hung out near the end of the field close to the school's front end, next to the MESA stall. We were selling Subway wiches & Capri Sun, and I think we at least broke even, so that's good enough for me.

And I pretty much saw my crush like 20 feet away the whole carnival, so that was pretty cool.

I just wished I'd dressed prettier on Friday, but luckily there's few pictures of me to boot. Hoorah for no pictures on crappy days!

PS: Korean + Freestyle Club did a really beast Nu Abo/Wedding Dress dance, sucks that it was only 2 minutes though!


YG knows how to market.

Except they should've given me more time to frantically scatter myself for Park Bom's new solo..

Ahh, I am so happy! I guessed it right that it would be Bom's solo (Please Don't Cry.. why does it remind me of Daesung's Baby Don't Cry?) . Even so, 2NE1 is gonna have fierce comebacks in August (spread out over 3 weeks? That's awesome! More lives of more songs is better than the same song every single day!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stuck on this BOMbshell

Park Bom is amazing. People might say that she doesn't have good voice control, but the fact of the fact is that she's got one of the most, or perhaps the most unique voice in Korea. It's easy to tell when she's singing, her pitch can be really gorgeous when it fits her.

Maybe not like You and I, maybe a little slower. She seemed to have difficulties singing it live, but then again, it's still a great song, maybe not quite the right fit for live singing. Even a normal singer might have problems adjusting that fast; but who am I to judge when I myself only sing as a hobby? But anyways..

Gotta love Dara's teasers. So little of Bom's voice, but the instrumental is beautiful, and the hint of Bom's voice has given people a feeling it might be her next single, especially since YG Life blog only just released a teaser image saying 2NE1 Coming Soon.

My prediction: Bommie's solo, like a sequel to Wedding Dress (Taeyang). Why? Towards the end of the teaser, it sounds quite obvious that she is starting to sing "sarangul" or something similar, the word for love in Korean. And YGE + music + Bom = love songs.

The best songs from YG are always the love songs, and this might just be the next Love Song, Wedding Dress, I Don't Care, Where U At, Heartbreaker, Remember, ... don't you love song titles?

Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick

Short story: First part sucks, second part is intriguing.

This is a story about a girl named Nora who's your normal girl with good grades and a trouble making best friend. The teacher switches seats, and Nora sits next to a mysterious guy who constantly teases her: Patch.

Friday, April 15, 2011

blue pill, versus the red pill .. you decide

fun fun today very. But I've been thinking.

English today, we did a choice of the Red versus Blue pills (Matrix). So here's how we'd put it: Like Neo, would you choose the Red Pill? You'll be disconnected from blissful ignorance, and be forced to cope with reality- a world without hope, fate, no independence, no freedom of speech, and none of that type of fluff. Or would you be like the millions of others choosing the Blue Pill? You'll live a happy life, satisfied with the way you're living, but you'll never realize the reality and become truly independent and free. Your life is limited, no freedom of speech.

It really all comes down to what you choose. We were relating the Matrix idea of choices to Montag in Fahrenheit 451, which is one of the best books I have read in a while! It's short and easy to skim through while understanding the basic plot, but if you read it and dissect slowly, it dissolves and absorbs like a sponge.. towel. It's crafted with little details you could forget, lots of visual imagery and the types. I find it hard to even find books that are easy to follow and yet so intensely detailed all throughout, which is why I enjoyed it: it veers off the traveled path and delves into something very thoughtfully. Revolutionary thinking around the time of revolutions, figure? 

I chose the blue pill. Kill me now, laugh, but I guess even though I've been through struggles like getting depressed and having to deal with being in a family so emotionally separated from each other and having a younger autistic brother to take care of, my life right now is perfect. But it really varies on the environment. I consider that I am in my own utopia where I am able to talk freely, live freely, I'm pretty independent (taking bus, organizing shindigs/using my own money to buy clothes/food/personal wants or needs), and all that wonderful stuff.
The blue pill is sweeter than the red pill, which is spicy, bitter, and possibly painful. And that's why I chose it. (Taste matters, folks. Taste matters.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am really mad. I was doing a whole post summarizing Tower of God, I come back to edit it after posting Love Song, and it autosaves right after I ctrl-Z and it deletes the 5 detailed, perfect paragraphs that I fucking wrote. I'm really mad. Now it's just gone. Fuck my life.

Love Song MV World Premiere

Oh gosh. I didn't like this song so much when I reviewed it by itself the other day.

But audio versus the images, the MV surpasses expectations. It is perfect for the song. It is understated, elegant, not flashy, and just so.. calm?

It gives me a small feel of vintage television. Black and white, and it's all shot in one shot. One shot, all throughout. How amazing is that?! You can always trust YG Entertainment to outshoot the others with great care to packaging, images, audio, everything! First the special packaging for TONIGHT unique, with something that feels and looks a tad like an audio player. But now an expensive MV? So expensive, yet so.. beautiful. From allkpop, I heard that they had Hollywood type cameras in for this MV, and I can see why. And it is definitely worth it. It is simply different from the other KPOP mvs. It's beautiful.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Bang's Comeback(AGAIN?!)

Love Song, Stupid Liar, & Baby Don't Cry- great songs, made for a special edition of TONIGHT by Big Bang.
These new songs really are amazing, and they honestly beat the original TONIGHT by a huge landslide.
Love Song
A very romantic, soft feeling song that's somehow still quite upbeat and paced, with a good balance of lyrics, although I believe that Daesung and Seungri could have used more parts: so little, so insignificant. Makes meee madddddddd. Luckily, they do include more songs... But first, Love Song, of course. The best part of this song would have to be T.O.P's introduction- it's so slow, soft, and the instrumental is so underpowered, it lifts his voice and gives an impression of peace, happiness, and all hippie-voodoo lovable things possible. The rest of the song is fast paced, and honestly will get boring over time. Overall? Lives up to expectations, but I wish there wasn't so much "I hate this Love Song" included in it, because it's just not true! Definitely worth a listen compared to the horrible K-Pop releases coming out lately, though!

Next up, Stupid Liar.
Love the lullaby beginning, love it, could go with a little less of G-Dragon? I'm a GBias, but I don't really feel his voice in this one. However, I'm lovin' Daesung! The voice to die for, and Taeyang's part fits him well. Seungri's parts are also well placed. But GD in between isn't working out for me. T.O.P's rap works, but I feel that the song needs more of a balance, and less GD for all the chorus-y parts. The song doesn't quite fit him, and the feeling irks me to no extent, being a diehard VIP. :(

And finally, Baby Don't Cry (Daesung single!)
Retro instrumental feel.
Reminds me of his Cotton Candy single!
^Which isn't good. I like my YG artists to have a little variety. I was hoping this would be a really strong solo, with power and emphasis, maybe a bit like GD's Heartbreaker except with ballads, and Daesung's deep, deep, beautiful voice. However, seeing as this is only a sample of things to come, I'm really hoping things get boosted. Take your time, and make the album good, D-lite.

If my opinions don't match your views, comment! I like to see other people's views. Don't be afraid! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Feeling tired lately.

I don't know why, but time is going by so slow, and so fast. My birthday was only last Saturday, and yet.. I keep feeling doubt. I've always wanted to make it into an awesome, great, prestigious university. But I don't think that wanting is quite good enough.

I need to open my eyes. I've been trying for all my life.

And it's just not working.

Maybe the day when I find a competent person in Sacramento, who has massive experience and is willing to tutor me slowly, will be the day that I realize: maybe it's possible. I can get into UC Davis. Maybe I can get to UCLA or UC Berkeley. A long reach, maybe Stanford.

But the truth is that I've always been a dreamer, and a hater. I'm vile, evil. Despicable. Yet, I think that I still have a chance, even where I'm at. At a school with such a lack, a horrible disregard for the future. A school so ugly and focused on grades, API scores, and all that mush. I wish I was near people that cared about others and about their futures as well. But I really need to stop limiting myself.

I hope that someday I'll be able to get into a prestigious college on a Computer Science major. Not because my parents say so, but because I can. And hell, if I can, then I will. And if I will, then I am. And if I am, then.. I'm already shooting towards the future.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Disappointingmentness & A New Read for Me

:x Last Saturday and this Friday. Boo.

So last Saturday we had our pre MESA competition. And well, we've got some crappy Algebra 2 teachers, because our entire league of sophomores didn't place in the competition at all for Team Math, and only one did for Solo Math because he's just crazy like that. So I assume we've got a lot of learning to do. At least I'm still passing my math classes, righty-o? My team did place for our balsawood glider for 9/10th grade though, and our other peoples in MESA managed to place in a variety of things, and in all 3 places for Geometry, so we've got good Geometry teachers instead. WoNdErFuL. yay~

So I've been reading a book called The Faery Reel: Tales from the Twilight Realm. It's a collection of short stories or poems about faeries or fairies, however you like to spell them. There's stories about faeries from Japan, Europe, America, and others, but it's incredibly interesting.

Wednesday or Thursday, I checked out the book plus another one by Amy Tan, called The Kitchen God's Wife. I left the other one in my locker and grabbed The Faery Reel to read on the bus. To my unluckiness, it was absolutely pouring outside! Horrible weather, for a normally sunnyside place. Whenever I haven't got my umbrella, the weather goes haywire. I brought it Friday and the weather went happy on me. Thanks for the rage, weather.

Anyways, I walked 2 blocks to the bus stop and waited about 10 minutes under a nearby porch to stay dry before the bus came. Then I went on the bus, plunked my backpack and lunch box on the ground, and took up a seat (two, now I think of it, maybe) while zipping out my copy of the story. I laid down reading the book while staying warm for 20 minutes until I got home, and it was an absolutely fascinating book. I actually just finished it today.

Anyways, I recommend it. It's perfect for a day when you're in need of inspiration and hope, and great on rainy days when you need something to brighten up. And awesomeitiousness when added in with hot chocolate. It's definitely a read better for teens, as the stories tend to edge towards that spectrum, with some about teenage love, some that are more like folk tales, and others. A great read for those in need of a curiosity boost.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tower of God

As you all know, reading manga is one of my good hobbies, right? There isn't just manga though, there is also manhwa & manhua, respectively the Korean and Chinese equivalents of Japanese manga.

I find that manhwa tend to have sketchy art that is crisper that manga, and manhua are softer and prettier. I find that manhwa have a greater variety of plots, especially in webtoons via Naver or Daum, which are Korean net portals similar to how we would use Yahoo or Google.

One of my favorite manhwa-webtoon comics happens to be Tower of God. It's a mysterious story about a boy named 25th Baam who is someone we know almost nothing about- but his best friend, or more so, his love is Lahel, a girl who wants to travel up to the top of the "tower". Which is also called the Tower of God because reaching the top enables your any wish to be granted- as in the preview, you could have riches, fame, revenge, or power, or even more; making the tower a dangerous game all throughout.

A blue Void

A blue Void
A blue Void by anydeth featuring a ruffle dress

Summer mode, with the bright colors of salamanders, scarabs, and spring. hating on this lovely, lovely coldly rain of our city. The radiation must be pouring in.

Lately where I've been, we've simply had a torrent of rain. Everyone's assuming it's from the horrible radiation coming in from Japan, bless their poor hearts. Rain isn't nearly as bad for us, but I'm sure they might need the water resources, so if they need it, so it be. They've got a terrible situation and a radioactive mess of business to fix, which is totally not so pretty. I'll miss my fixes of manga, anime, J-drama, and J-pop, but the people come before the outsiders.

Anyways, this rain calls for a little blur of hope. Brightness means blue. Lots of it! The dress is more of a frilly, semi-formal dress type. Makes me think of .. a bright blueberry. The belt gives it a refined look, since it's just so.. wrinkly. :3 the clutch, gives a flowery look and adds to the look with a different shade of blue while still staying.. Wrinkly. The shoes do the same, and give a springy, jump start perspective on this bright spectacle. Vera Wang Princess is one of those wonderful, springy, sweet fragrances, so I've added it on to add more depth to the polyvore! :) An absolute necessity. Finally, there's a bright pink, black, and off-white cardigan- adds a change to the eyes, and a jacket in case one gets a little chilled over the course of your prom dance. It's cute, fashionable, and the pockets could look like penguins, huh. The color blocks give it a weird, structured view, and the belt is added on for its mosaic-like depth and as a cincher to keep the outfit giving a tight feel. Outfits worn out are not meant to be baggy, of course.

Goodnight Lullaby Inspired

Goodnight Lullaby Inspired
Goodnight Lullaby Inspired by anydeth featuring a jacquard dress
GNL by Avril Lavigne inspired set :)

Avril recently released her new album called Goodnight Lullaby. It's definitely a great work of art! It's far more composed and soft compared to her last album, The Best Damn Thing. I especially adore Push, Smile, and Wish You Were Here.  It makes me think of love, regret, and overthinking.

In honor of her comeback! I've made a polyvore outfit. This is my first time using it, so I only used some of the top things that were shown. It's a soft and fluffy feel, like tulle or chiffon; the peach, sheer gray, and muted tone colors give an underrepresented feel to it. The nail polish gives a little pop. The outfit comes together to a perfect spring date outfit, like when you'd be outside with a Smile on your face with the leaves blooming and the flowers falling. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So pretty much, it's one of my favorite sites at the moment. I've found recipes, loads of stuff.. hopefully I'll get to find more stupidly awesome random things! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Going Crazy- Ji Eun ft. Bang Yong Guk

The most beautiful video in a while, or the song at least. It's been compared to Love the Way You Lie by Eminem ft. Rihanna; which is an amazing song, I cannot deny. This song has a similar beat and very similar lyrics.
Ji Eun is the singer, and Bang Yong Guk is the rapper. They interchange their lyrics which add to a type of story telling in the video and lyrics. You'll need to see the English subs to really understand it. Compared to other Korean songs, this MV is amazing beautiful, simple, and descriptive in itself. It's a ballad, so it doesn't need a dance or anything like that.

The lives where they portray their emotions while singing are simply beautiful. I viewed the first live performance via YouTube, and whilst the video was sadly taken down, it was a gorgeous stage with a piano, stairsteps, roses everywhere, and just a very melancholy, beautiful feeling. It wasn't flashy, but just awe-inspiring. I really enjoy how this song is

INFINITE- Nothing's Over

It's a good day, a good day indeed. Before the dawn, they know that she's back to come back again. :)

Dresses, Celebrities, and Fashion, whoopie!

Oh man. Two gorgeous ladies pitted against each other. OMG Yahoo, why must you do this?

Either way, Hudson's barely winning votes by 5%. I personally believe it's because her picture is in far more attractive lighting to show off her looks and the dress, but I also prefer her. Her curves are giving the dress that needed oomph. Hair and shoes are far better, as well. Salma's hair is pulled back, making her seem like she's the one being worn.. And the shoes aren't even alive! Does she have feet at all? I wonder..

But Hudson's won this round, so it's all cool, folks. All cool in the house.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have a love/hate relationship involving ulzzangs/ulhjjangs.

I mean, there are a couple who are amazing gorgeous.
And then we get the oh my gosh, you are seriously a bug eyed alien kind. Not like it wasn't obvious already, buuuh just saying. :) These types apparently are more like Chinese Net Idols, which I shall get into some other fine, wonderfully fine day of doom. :)
I think I'll post some more of what I like to call, real ulzzangs. Well, as real as they get with good clothes, good figures, good hair, good makeup, and amazing photoshop & liquefy. If only I was able to do the same!

Big Bang's Comeback

love love love Big Bang. ranked in order of loveliness by meee~

G-Dragon- my homie, my love, the awesomeitiousness of my life.
Daesung- totally underrated, but his voice is love <3 and he's so cheerful and funny
T.O.P- he can have a dark look, a happy look, and still look hot either way, because he's the TOP of the charts
Seungri- maknae love! cute, adorable, and funny as well. awkward turtle.
Taeyang- mweh. he's shy, every Asian girl in America loves him, and his fauxhawk is copied by 70% of guys at my school. What more can I say? :)

But despite orders, they're all awesomeitiousness.

Even Gaho. We love you too.

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

Steve Jobs versus Bill Gates. I suppose this is an obvious enough title.

Steve Jobs- the creator of APPLE. My beautiful iTouch, my older brother's iPhone (2 of them, in fact), and my father's iPhone/iPad. And all my friends went to our friend's house, and all of us had an iTouch or iPhone. The latest trend. Ahh, EVERYONE be lovin' these. He's raking in the dough, and we love the simplicity of his company's gadgets. And j'adore how iCarly parodies the name and even the gadgets with iPear, and the show name.

Bill Gates- Microsoft's founder dude. Where would my operating system BE WITHOUT HIM!? I would not be posting on this blog if not for him. I am glad, sir. Very. I doubt Apple woulda popped out without him. Mighty glad I am, and might glad I will always be. He's retired now, but he's pretty much still rich & doing better things with his money- philanthropists are wonderful folks. I'm glad to say he's someone I admire. :D

This commences.. mine's comparison of techy folksies. (:

People are Geniuses.

dusidh. <3

There's a random topic generator! Why this will become very handy. I will find random topics to blog about, yo!

Today, I spent 5 hours at a friend's house along with 2 other friends. We were working on our MESA projects. :) Currently, we're working on our Balsawood Glider. It's going to be timed and my partner is making the glider while I do the plans. So these next few days will be pretty exciting- I've got an AP World History powerpoint on the effects of the Industrial Revolution as well as a press conference for Catherine the Great of Russia.

Aye, aye. A girl's life is busy. :) but it's quite satisfying.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke

If you haven't heard of this anime, you are absolutely insane. It started as a manga, but now there's 2 seasons of anime episodes as well as a live action drama released way back in September 2010. It's absolutely the cutest thing ever!

Kimi ni Todoke is about a poor little girl named Sawako Kuronuma. She's really quite cute- except for the fact that she doesn't know how to interact with others, and looks a bit like the Grudge.

Yeah, that's not pretty.Kimi ni Todoke is set in a high school, and all of the main characters except for the teacher happen to be freshmen at the beginning- now it's turning to their second year of high school as sophomores.

But anyways, she's named "Sadako" like the Grudge because she's quite depressing. But she falls for a guy called Kazehaya, who's one of those super nice, cheerful, popular guys. Unrealistic?  But it so happens that he fell for her waaay back in the beginning of their freshman year. Sawako, in her attempt to become a more cheery person, sees Kazehaya looking around curiously for the school, and she tells him nervously which way it is. He smiles cheerily, unlike everyone else, and thanks her, walking on his way. Sawako happily smiles (while looking abnormally pretty!) and Kazehaya turns back curiously to see her smile. That's when he becomes curious about her, but finds she is depressing to everyone else in their class.

That's just how it begins. I'm going to start giving chapter summaries soon, or episode summaries. x) I will also be listing some of my favorite manga/anime series soon.


Well, I guess this will be my first blog post. My name's Elaine, and I'm a fifteen year old teen stuck in the sunny place they all like to call Sacramento. I have a fond interest for makeup & beauty, and I love watching fashion trends come and go.

More so, I have a total addiction to Korean pop. Big Bang & 2ne1 are my two biggest loves, and I daresay I'll be mentioning them quite a bit to come. (:

I hope you check back for my updates,  because I hope to become an active blogger.