Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break is coming up, and stress with it

needs to come faster. tl;dr and don't jump unless you'd like to read my teenage rant.

i am still pissed at blogger.

control z does not equal me wanting the whole thing deleted. god damn it.

There went like 20 minutes of my life, deleted by stupid auto save. And I'm someone who actually saves when she should.

I have homework today. And a load of stuff to do tomorrow. Tests. I think college would be easier and more fun, because I won't be locked up at home blogging about my life and about all the things I love. But I believe it's a worthy investment.

Tomorrow tests: Chemistry, English (Fahrenheit 451), AP World History essay, and a French presentation.

Most worried about Chemistry and APWH though, my grades are getting borderline A's.

And homework wise? Not too bad.. study for Algebra 2, upcoming AP exam, finish AP chart on the Russian Revolution compared to the Chinese revolution, and that is really it.

I've also got to plan out what we're selling on Friday for a Multicultural Fair. Half of a Subways footlong for $3, and CapriSun pouches for 50 cents apiece. I'm a bit irked that our event manager didn't add MESA to the brochure, so no one knows what we're selling. She also managed to spell Africans Africians, when really KFC and chicken wings and the sort are more like Southern and not African foods. She also spelled a teacher's name with an extra -ous at the end, which was hilarious. She still frustrates me, though. But I figure that even I'm not perfect. It did give me, Sarah, and Naomi a good conversation on the bus today, though! 10 minutes of talking about all our fair doings. It was really nice, since normally we're just so tired.

The weather was beautiful today. And weird.. cloudy and nice and cold, to even more chilly, to clouds with sun while drizzling to sun. I swear moms just tell you to layer up and dress warmer and bring an umbrella when the weather's truly quite good, it's so odd of them!

But finally, my birthday was only last Saturday. I was very sad that few people even remembered, and I really don't think birthday posts on your Facebook makes you feel much better. But one of my best friends brought me a birthday cupcake on Monday, and I felt better. I've stowed the ribbons on it into one of my drawers so that I can tape them on her locker with a sweet message. It's strange how the whole world can devastate you, but one little thing changes it all. She's such a sweetheart, and she deserves so much more from someone like me.

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